Trying to write a Halloween song?

This prompt is a basically a seasonal version of the the Noun+Verb Mashup.

You can do the same for any holiday, like Christmas, just change up your nouns and verbs!

And remember, as an ongoing exercise, you can keep an excel worksheet with columns for nouns, verbs and adjectives. Now mix and match whenever you need a creative jolt!


Creating Your Halloween Song Idea!


1  Choose a noun and pair it with a verb down the list

Example:  Witch + Walk


2  Think about what the combo means: write a sentence or a short paragraph defining it

A ‘witch walk’ is the march witches make around a cauldron when they’re creating spells. They chant and walk casting spells on children who are good on Halloween night instead of being bad and causing trouble – the tricksters.


3  Change your verbs to match the noun and context

Maybe go with Witches – we’ll see once I do the object write.


4  Now do a 90 second object write using the prompt (stop at 90 sec.)

There are three witches in the forest, chanting at a cauldron. The chant is asking for all children out on Halloween trick or treating to do a trick even if they get a treat. They’re casting a spell on all trick-or-treaters with their Wicked Witch Walk.

But after all chaos starts in the town, there’s a little kid who finds them in the woods and saves all the children by casting a spell of their own – . STOP

5  OK – decent set up and some story line – write it!



Let’s Get Spooky!


And – you don’t have to use these.  They’re just to get you started on your Halloween song.

Add your own and see what unusual combos you can come up with.


Ghost Tumble
Vampire Crack
Bat Scare
Cob Web Trace
Spider Fall
Torch Shriek
Witch Run
Cauldron Scream
Frankenstein Haul
Pumpkin Blast
Candle Freak Out
Costume Walk
Trick-Or-Treaters Vamp
Werewolf Cackle
Cemetary Promenade
Tombstone Crush


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