We all collect stuff, which is why finding like objects is so easy! Objects are powerful elements in our lives. We save them because they have significance for us.

This finding like objects song prompt is a way to not only focus on a single object, but find the connections between objects – to you. It’s a way to create a strong emotional element to a song.

Remember, song prompts provide inspiration, a spark – that thing that gets the pen moving across the page (or fingers flying across a keyboard).

You’ll only spend 1 – 5 minutes on a song prompt.  They’re meant to inspire, not instruct.

So bust out your songwriting notebook, hook book or Evernote app and let’s get started!


Finding Like Objects & Creating Connections


Step 1

Look around the room you’re in and choose one item. Spend 2 minutes and write about it.

  • What are its physical characteristics?
  • Who does it remind you of?
  • Does it take you back to any particular time or memory?


Step 2

Find other items in the room that you feel share some of those same characteristics or tie to the first object in some way. Spend 3 minutes and write about it.

  • Finding like objects – how are they connected?
  • Are they opposites – have contradictory meanings or
  • Are they part of the same thing – a larger memory?
  • Are they connected to the same person, people across different times who are alike?
  • Are they just physically the same – why is that important?


Keep in mind – this is to start a song or simply keep you writing daily.  It’s OK if this simply goes into your notebook for a later day!


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