Adele “Hello”

Oct 31, 2016 | Songs Analyzed

Written by Adele and producer Greg Kurstin, “Hello” focuses on a telephone conversation/voicemail.

The song brilliantly leverages the strength of direct address to create a highly personal moment, while the melody moves from ballad to power ballad utilizing eighth notes and scale shifts to create defining moments within simple, direct lyrics

Even if you’re not a vocalist, you can leverage the structural craft of the song to add dynamics to your songs.

We’ll take a deep dive into the lyrics and look at how using vowel sounds in key spots creates false rhymes within the song, and how to incorporate those techniques into your own.

The song also highlights the importance of including a scene despite the conversation taking place – an element often overlooked in direct address songs.

We’ll also explore the shift in the emotional tides of the song had the writers chosen first or third person instead of direct address.

And while the word is a simple one, “hello” becomes a pivotal anchor point in the song.  Each use results in an amplification of the feeling of loss and regret, finally turning into a sense of closure. We’ll explain how.


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