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Lori McKenna “The Bird & The Rifle”

Lori McKenna “The Bird & The Rifle”

We’ll take a deep dive on Lori McKenna’s “The Bird & The Rifle,” detailing what makes the song work, how to effectively use metaphors, and how to incorporate some of her unique writing techniques into your own songs.

Written by McKenna, Troy Verges & Caitlyn Smith, the song idea came from a line in an episode of Modern Family while she was doing laundry (an apparent passion project of late).

The mother and daughter were having a discussion around getting matching tattoos as a celebratory gesture for the daughter’s 21st birthday.  The daughter suggested a pairing: “A bird and a rifle!”

McKenna wrote it down.

On its surface, the line is an OK joke, but fairly benign.  In McKenna’s hands, it transforms into a compelling love story of fear and freedom.


Lori McKenna “Bird & The Rifle”





How To Apply Lori McKenna’s Writing Techniques To Your Songs


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