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Song Shapes Exercise For Story Streaming Songs

Song Shapes Exercise For Story Streaming Songs

If you’ve ever been in a high school English class, you’ve studied song shapes.

You know, the introduction of characters, their struggles, the climax, the resolution and the happy ending.

To better understand song shapes and how they can help you write a compelling song, read Connect this song shapes songwriting exercise with Story Streaming: Tell Songs Like A Movie to get your song storytelling down!

For an example of how the song shapes tie directly to a song, read through my article on how a general song shape fits Mary Gauthier’s “Between The Daylight And The Dark.”

Now apply those same practices to one of the song shapes below.


Songwriting Exercise
Choose A Shape
Pick one of the shapes below to begin.  Try and choose one that you don’t usually write or that is outside the box for you.
Create A General Outline
Label each of the core elements of the shape and write a brief summary of what will happen. Use an outline form, so I, II, III with some A, B, Cs under them, but keep it general for now. Song Outline Worksheet
Use Object Writing To Find Details
Focus on a moment or each of the key moments and write down some of the descriptive details by using the object writing exercise.  You’ll use these within your lyric to create imagery.
Write The Story - No Rhyme
Create your lyrics and don’t worry about rhyme right now. This is a story exercise, so let’s make sure the story is clear.
Add Rhyme & Structure
Now go back and find your chorus, or the big idea. What is your hook line? Is there a bridge?


General Song Shapes: Customize To Another Theme
story streaming movie architecture – @cwodtke


Love Shape
story shape boy meets girl – @cwodtke


Coming Of Age Shape
story shape coming of age – @cwodtke


Justice Shape
story shape justice – @cwodtke


Quest Shape
story shape quest – @cwodtke