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Song Shapes Songwriting Exercise

Song Shapes Songwriting Exercise

If you’ve ever been in a high school English class, you’ve studied song shapes.

You know, the introduction of characters, their struggles, the climax, the resolution and the happy ending.

To better understand song shapes and how they can help you write a compelling song, read Connect this song shapes songwriting exercise with Story Streaming: Tell Songs Like A Movie to get your song storytelling down!

For an example of how the song shapes tie directly to a song, read through my article on how a general song shape fits Mary Gauthier’s “Between The Daylight And The Dark.”

Now apply those same practices to one of the song shapes below.

Pick one of the song shapes below and construct a song following the wave!


General Song Shapes: Customize To Another Theme
story streaming movie architecture – @cwodtke


Love Song Shapes
story shape boy meets girl – @cwodtke


Coming Of Age Song Shapes
story shape coming of age – @cwodtke


Justice Song Shapes
story shape justice – @cwodtke


Quest Song Shapes
story shape quest – @cwodtke

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