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SongChops Songwriter Gift Guide

SongChops Songwriter Gift Guide

This songwriter gift guide covers everything from getting started to moving to the next level to running your music business to performing on stage.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, not having to sort through a ton of “Recommended For You” or “People Also Bought”s can save you time and frustration.

Below are some handy kits I’ve put together to help you as well as family and friends on those special occasions.

Full disclosure, these are affiliate links and allow me to provide and the member library for free.

Please support the site by buying through one of these links.

I’ve used, tested or own all of these products.


Beginning Songwriter Kit For The Newbie

beginning songwriter starter kit


Focused On Nashville Music Scene?

writing songs for nashville


Get Your Songwriter Creativity On!

songwriter and artist creativity gift guide


Ready To Go To The Next Level?

intermediate songwriter gift guide


Get Your Songs Out There - Performance Gear Basics

singer-songwriter performance gear gift guide


Best Books For Learning How To Run Your Music Business

music business books & gear gift guide


Marketing Your Music As A Songwriter & Performer

music marketing books


Gifts For Guitar Players

gift guide for guitar players


Tell The World You're A Proud Guitar Player!

your favorite guitar player gift guide

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