Getting Started Pitching Songs

Mar 2, 2020 | Business

How to get started pitching songs is a question I often get from songwriters.  It usually sounds something like this:

“I have a demo and a lyric sheet for every song, but I don’t have any experience
pitching songs. What is my next step?”

Here are a few things to consider and some basic “getting started” steps you can take to start getting your songs out there.



You should narrow down what you’ll focus on first.  For example, are you pitching for song cuts or are you pitching for sync licensing (music backgrounds for TV and movies that will go through a music supervisor)?


You’ll then need to have demos for each.

For sync licensing you’ll need to own the rights to the recording.  If you did the demo at a studio with musicians, you’ll need documentation of your rights to the recording.  Keep in mind, this is different than the rights to the song.

Pitching To Artists

If you’re pitching songs, I’d suggest you start with something like the Song Tuner site if you’re not making trips to Nashville or have a network there.

You can sign up for their email.  It’s a paid submission site, but cheaper than the $300 – $500 monthly fee a single songplugger charges.

While there are other subscription sites out there, I’d recommend you go with this cheaper option first. It allows you to start working on things like song fit for an artist.

And, you’ll get feedback on your songs if they are not a fit!  This can help you create better songs to pitch or understand where your current songs might fit better in terms of artists or genres.

Sync Licensing

If you plan on pitching songs for TV and movies, you’ll want to get the basics on sync licensing.  For artists who record, your song tracks are a great place to start!

CDBaby DIY Musician has a great starter page for those looking to explore sync licensing.


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