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— Nanci Griffith

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Sometimes starting is the hardest part. We’ll make it easy with step-by-step worksheets and explanations to help you complete your first song. And, it won’t take forever! Have a weekend?

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Everything You Need To Start & Grow

Create Melodies Easily

Not a great melody writer? That’s OK! We’ve got some simple ways to help you write song melodies and music that don’t all sound the same. Yes – really!

Song Structure

We’ll take a deep dive into song structure, highlight some unique applications of “the rules” and provide song exercises to help you grow.

Advanced Lyrics

Learn advanced songwriting techniques for your lyrics. We’ll cover figurative language, imagery, metaphors, similes, personification, repetition and more.

The Music

The Nashville number system, chord progressions, how to create musical bridges, partial capos to create variety all make creating music easier.

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Song Prompts & Exercises

Having a hard time getting started? We’ve got prompts and simple exercises to help you grow your skills and get off the blank page!

Stay Organized & Motivated

There’s nothing worse than lyric sheets all of the place and no idea where the great song you just wrote went. We’ve got a system!

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Want some video love? We’ve got great tips and a 2 hour song build!

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SC Songs Analyzed Playlist

Any of the songs we take a deep dive on are conveniently located on a YouTube playlist just in case you every want to take a listen outside of noodling on songwriting!

No More Struggling & self-doubt

How To Write A Song – Yes You!

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