Melody: 5 Essential Books

Melody is the messaging highway of your song. It helps maintain the interest of your listener much like scenery along the route. They can give your lyrics either a neighborhood lane, super highway or country road feel to deliver the story. And much like a road system it can have turns, back tracking and sometimes a rush to the destination!

Let’s face it, writing unique, interesting melodies is tough. So, why not have a little help!

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Easy to follow and use it will help you understand basic composition as well as melody & accompaniment. Includes examples from multiple genres.

From Berklee Press,  this book will walk you through the fundamentals and move all the way to chord progressions as accompaniment.

General information on songwriting with a substantial section on melody writing.

From Berklee Press, Kachulis covers rhythm, melody over chord changes, song sections and melody over bass lines and riffs. Very thorough for both piano and guitar players.

For those interested in some of the music theory behind composition, this book will give you the basics. It includes both classical and jazz examples.

You may be one of those folks who like to understand the science and math of music. If so, to quote Underdog, “have no fear” we’ve got you covered!

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