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A rhyming dictionary is important if you’re a songwriter. It’s a great tool to find new ways of saying things and get you away from predictable rhymes like: when it snows, I have to blow my nose.

Here’s a little assistance to finding a good one.

Rhyme Desk

  • Cool tool that counts your syllables and looks for rhymes!
  • Click on the “perfect rhyme” or “near rhyme” button on the right
  • Mobile version toggles between the two screens
  • If only you could save your lyrics to Evernote!

Rhymer by WriteExpress

  • Six types of rhymes: end, last, beginning, double, triple, first syllable
  • Clean display & easy to change rhyme types
  • Good mobile presentation
  • No rhyme family options, which is limiting


  • Type and go
  • Perfect and close rhymes only
  • Good volume of words on the list


  • Close rhymes only
  • Not huge variety of words but solid
  • Good mobile presentation

My favorite rhyming dictionary is Clement Wood’s. It is organized well, is easy to use, has a nice sound and poetry explanation at the beginning, and has a great range of words and phrases.

If you’re going to purchase a rhyming dictionary, this one is it.  Don’t waste your money on anything else.

I have 3 – one for my songwriting bag, one on my shelf at home, and one at work (just in case a song hits me when I’m not being distracted by spreadsheets).

complete rhyming dictionary tools for rhyme

The Complete Rhyming Dictionary

by Clement Wood
One of the best rhyming dictionaries you’ll come across.
Used by Jimmy Webb no less!

craft and business of songwriting tools for rhyme

The Craft & Business of Songwriting

by John Braheny
Covers the basics from defining a verse to gigging, but also  spends some quality time on rhyme. All kinds of information in this for the bargain price of the paperback.

rikky rooksby lyrics writing better words for your songs

Lyrics: Writing Better Words For Your Songs

by Rikky Rooksby
Covers prosody and lyrics in general, but spends time on rhyme patterns and contrast as well.

berklee lyric form and structure tools for rhyme

Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure: Tools and Techniques for Writing Better Lyrics

by Pat Pattison
Structure and rhyme families go hand in hand. This is a fantastic book to help understand not only how your lyric forms and structure can be shaped, but also applying rhyme to help them evolve to the next level.

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