This list of “11 things” is a great way to start getting your brain working not only for songs, but poems as well.

By using items most of us can relate to quickly and easily, you will spend less time trying to manufacture a scene, characters or circumstances.

As a twist on the song prompt, you can write a poem using one of the prompts and then convert the poem to a song!

This is also a great way to focus on your lyric first.

Tips To Get You Started:


Start by free styling to get some thoughts down
Don’t worry about a song structure or rhyme. Write down whatever pops into your head associated with the prompt.
Circle the words you think are interesting
Now write a single line saying what you think the song idea is.
Go ahead and note a structure
It can be something as simple as verse/chorus/verse/chorus/chorus or verse/verse/verse.  You don’t have to stick with it – but it will give you a framework so you can focus on the lyrics.
Choose some chords you're comfortable with
Use those while you’re creating the lyric, or don’t use an instrument and sing the melody.  You can always make the chord progression different later.
Find a quiet spot and focus!


1 Things in a kitchen drawer
2 Things in a refrigerator
3 Things you can’t live without
4 Things you can’t live with
5 Things that no one uses anymore
6 Things you’ve lost
7 Things in a bus station
8 Things in your closet
9 Things that fall
10 Things from the 19th century (change #)
11 Things on your bookshelf


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